Cobieconcepts specializes in branding, networking, writing and events to help increase revenue streams.

Look no further when you need a cost-effective way to energize your marketing efforts.  We have the expertise to develop or rework your marketing materials to better meet your goals.  As an action-oriented firm, we focus on making it easy for target customers to do business with you.  

Our philosophy is to start by developing your unique value proposition.  We know from experience that when you correctly position a product - even in the most crowded marketplace - customers come to you.

Educated customers are happier with their buying decisions, less likely to ask for refunds and more likely to recommend products and services.  That is why we educate customers about your unique value proposition throughout every stage of the sales cycle.  

From ad hoc projects to complex marketing campaigns, Cobieconcepts offers a results-oriented approach to improving sales through effective marketing.  Curious about what we can do for your company?  Schedule a one-hour consultation to outline an action plan by emailing, calling 203.273.4944 or contact us

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